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Eco Cleanzer is a 100% Herbal 2-in-1 natural leaf ester Disinfectant and Cleaning Compound which effectively kills 99.99% Germs, Bacteria & Viruses while it effectively removes Stains, Muck and Grime formed due to Oil, Dust and Smoke Soot on Tiles, Glasses, Mirrors, Appliances, Wardrobe, Flooring surfaces and cleans to its Original luster.

Eco Cleanzer - Herbal Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant | 450 ml

    • Spray Eco Cleanzer on the surfaces to be disinfected or on any dirty surface to be cleaned & wipe with a wet cloth.

    • Spray on oily and soot surface & then brush the surface gently to release the dry oil dirt and clean with a wet cloth.

    • Eco Cleanzer does not remove paint, polish or varish.

    • Do not consume. In the case of consumption, drink lots of water.

    • In case of any itching or irritation due to allergy, flush eyes or skin with clean drinking water OR consult a doctor.

*T & C Apply