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As a society, we largely depend on poisonous chemical products to maintain our personal and home care needs without understanding the short and long term consequences of our easy-going actions.


With Osolin, you can be assured that you will live a safe & healthy lifestyle, thanks to our certified organic products, reliable information and drive to make this world a much better place than we found it.


"Conserving Ecology and Replacing Toxicity."

Or goal since the company's inception is to not only ensure the highest possible quanlity standards for our products and services but also to educate, facilitate and guide people to adopt a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.

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Osolin is a purely home-grown Indian company that was established in the Year 1954 which wholeheartedly reflects the ideals of environmental and individual wellness. We constantly work to achieve this through our range of eco-friendly body care, skin care, home care, farm care and construction products - which also have applications in various other fields too.

The company's founder Dr. Sastry stepped into deep theoretical research and practical experimentation of medicinal plants and herbs as he found that chemical-based materials were not adequate for his research.
His persistence and dedication were eventually rewarded with success after he managed to combine a specific selection of metallic hill oriented herbs, which led to the invention of the most effective organic insect control solutions called  'Bugsac' which is our most popular products on sale till date.

Bugsac led to more intensive research and development towards this promising direction and in turn led to the introduction of new products such as: Osolin AT (A herbal Anti Termite Solution), Pynodor (The Disinfectant/Mosquito Repellent), Manamohini (Air Purifier/Disinfectant), Mealisac (Plant Pest Control  Solution cum Growth Booster).

All these products are highly effective and do not damage our ecology and we will be happy to demonstrate their efficacy on request.

We are the exclusive manufacturers of these products and are "PROPRIETORY" under the Ayurvedic Study of Natural Resources and Forest Produce Research.



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