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RodenTak repels rats & rodents in and around the house or garden area. This product is non-toxic and non-poisonous to human beings, thereby no special care needs to be taken during the application, unlike other poisonous chemicals.

RodenTak - Herbal Rodent Repellent | 450 ml

    • To repel entry of rodents inside the site/premises, spray/apply Rodentak evenly up to 1 foot width on the ground & 1 foot height all along the compound wall.

    • To treat burrows, prepare a mixture of 450 ml RodenTak with 5-8 kgs of dry sand and pour the mix into the burrow and pack tightly up to the ground level.

    • Do not consume. In the case of consumption, drink lots of water.

    • In case of any itching or irritation due to allergy, flush eyes or skin with clean drinking water OR consult a doctor.

    • This product is ready to use. Do not Dilute or mix with Water or any other liquid.

    • Avoid contact with naked flame as the product contains natural oil.

*T & C Apply

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