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Herbal Pest Control & Growth Booster | 5L

Product Information:

  • Meali-Sac is a broad spectrum pest control to eradicate plant pests like mealybugs, golden-backed moths, leaf miners, thrips, whiteflies, caterpillars, borers, aphids, fungal attack, root grub, citrus and pink mealybugs, coffee bean borers & black root & stem borers.

  • Meali-Sac effectively plays a dual role towards plant protection by Eradicating Plant Pests as well as a Systemic Growth Booster by enhancing budding & flowering, resulting in higher yields.

  • Meali-Sac has a unique property of eradicating and controlling male mosquito menace that thrives on plants especially on crotons & also kills mosquito larvae that thrive on the brims of ponds, puddles, swimming pools, etc. ultimately checking the birth cycle of mosquitoes.

  • Meali-Sac is found to be very effective in landscaping activities because of its high potency to control TERMITES and other pest menaces in lawns.

  • Meali-Sac is tested and certified for Non-toxicity by a SWISS based test house and is certified for quality by IIHR (Indian Institute of Horticulture Research) Bangalore.

Direction for Use:

  • Dilute 30-50-75 millilitres MealiSac in 1 litre of water for Saplings, Shrubs & Trees respectively.

  • To ERADICATE Mealybugs & other pest infestation in plants, spray the solution under the foliage & nodal junctions thrice in the 1st week with an interval of 2 days between each spray.

  • To PREVENT pest infestation & improve plant growth, spray 3 times: first before budding, second after flowering & third after fruit setting.

  • Repeat the spray once every 15 days if necessary (with a dilution of 50 millilitres of MealiSac in 1 litre of water).

  • The solution may be drenched into the soil to eradicate root grub infestations resulting in re-growth of dying plants.

Statutory Information:

  • Tested and certified for non-toxicity by a SWISS based testing laboratory.

  • No side effects. In case of consumption, drink lots of water.

  • In case of any itching or irritation due to allergy, flush eyes or skin with clean drinking water OR consult a doctor.


  • For Floricultural crops like Hibiscus, Rose, Gerbera, Dalia, Chrysanthemum etc.

  • For horticultural fruit crops like, Grapes, Mango, Chikoo, Guava, etc. to control nodal fungus, mealy bugs, aphids etc., and also to boost flowering for increased fruit yield.

  • For vegetable crops like Tomatoes, Ladies’ finger, Brinjal, Beans, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Girkins etc.

  • For Agricultural cereal crops like Paddy, Bengal, Black, Green Grams, Ragi, Maize, etc.

  • For plantation crops like coffee, tea, pepper, Cardamom, etc.

  • For Mulberry plants resulting in safe & non-toxic feed to silkworms.

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