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Manamohini Mallika:
Herbal Air Freshener | 5 Ltr

Product Information:

Manamohini is processed exclusively from natural floral and leaf esters of essential oil plants blended with a scientific master sense of the right note. The product enchants the sense in its own distinct way with a most delightful vivacious floral aroma.
Spray or sprinkle in homes, theatres, auditoriums, hospitals, air-conditioned chambers, offices, meeting halls, tourist services, railway coaches, aeroplanes, ships & liners, transport vehicles, pooja rooms, banquet halls.
Unlike the common aerosol spray, Manmohini is Non-Alcoholic and does not irritate eyes or nose and is not flammable.

Directions for Use:


  • Dilute 50 - 75 ml Manmohini in 1 litre water.

  • Spray on walls, curtains, carpets, ceilings and on flower vases.

  • A separate sprayer should be used for each compound.

  • No special precautions need to be taken while spraying.

Statutory Information:

  • Tested and certified for non-toxicity by a SWISS based testing laboratory.

  • No side effects. In case of consumption, drink lots of water.

  • In case of any itching or irritation due to allergy, flush eyes or skin with clean drinking water OR consult a doctor.

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