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Herbal Insect Control Spray - 450 ml


Product Information:

InsecShot is a herbal insect control spray. It eradicates Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Flies & other insects. Its unique flushing action draws out insects from their hideouts. It’s ovicidal action checks insect eggs from hatching thus cutting their birth cycle. This product is processed from natural hill-grown plant resins and extracts as per the Ayurvedic study of herbs and natural forest resources.​​

Product Features:

  • Ready to use

  • Herbal

  • Eco-friendly

  • Non-toxic and non-poisonous

  • Animal-friendly

  • Safe to humans

Product Specification:

  • Dimensions: HxDia: 15.5x23.5 cm (Approx)

  • Weight: 440 gms (Approx)

  • Packaging details: 1 Nos. bottle + 1 Nos. Garden Sprayer.

  • Contents: 450 ml / 15.21 Oz.

Directions for use:

  • To eradicate cockroaches, flies & other insects, spray into joints, cracks and crevices in kitchens & bathrooms with a trigger sprayer.

  • To control bugs, spray thrice in the first week with an interval of 2 days between each, into joints, cracks and crevices in cots, beds, wardrobes, etc.

  • Spray directly on insects for instant results.

  • Spray rapidly into manholes, drains & other source points outside Kitchen and Bathrooms to kill a large number of insects.

Areas of Application:

  • Homes.

  • Hotel Rooms.

  • Kitchens.

  • Hospitals

  • Restaurants.

  • Offices.

  • Schools & Colleges.

  • Malls.

  • Theatres.

Additional Information:

  • Tested and certified for non-toxicity by a SWISS based testing laboratory.

  • No side effects. In the case of consumption, drink lots of water.

  • In case of any itching or irritation due to allergy, flush eyes or skin with clean drinking water OR consult a doctor.

  • Avoid contact with naked flame as the product contains natural oil.


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