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Osolin AT-CT:
Herbal Anti Termite - Construction Treatment | 5L

Product Information:

Osolin AT-CT is a ready to use, non-toxic & non-poisonous, herbal termite control application to eradicate & check termite infestation in civil constructions from foundation to flooring levels. It is processed from plant resins, oils & their derived extracts and thus is eco-friendly & safe which makes it LEED compatible.

Directions for Use:

  • Every litre of the AT-CT covers an area of 100 sq.ft or 130 ml/sqm approximately and is suggested to be sprayed as per specifications.

  • It is suggested to treat existing termite mounds in and around the site premises with AT-WT, prior to the 4 stage treatment.


STAGE 1: COLUMN BED: The herbal product shall be hand sprayed on evenly rammed & prepared 5 sides of the foundation column trenches before PCC from the base up to plinth level. It is a must in coastal & marshy areas. Note: A similar spray treatment should be done into three sides of the SSM/SSM Support Foundation trench, under plinth beams if it exists.

STAGE 2: COLUMN or FOOTINGS: The treatment shall be continued on all the 4 sides of the RCC footings/SSF from the base up to 1 foot above plinth level.


STAGE 3: PLINTH BEAMS: All the outer and inner plinth beams shall be treated on all 4 sides up to the interior flooring levels.

STAGE 4: INTERIOR FLOORING, PLINTH PROTECTION, RETAINING WALLS & FLAGGING AREA: AT-CT shall be sprayed over the rammed & prepared subfloor earth (i.e. before laying sub-base PCC). The plinth protection, retaining wall and flagging area coming in contact with the soil shall be sprayed similarly. In all the above-said stages, the product should be carpet sprayed onto the specified surface only and need not be injected by drilling holes or by any other method.
A similar estimation can be drawn for size stone masonry SSM foundation


Organic matter or materials like husk, hay/grass, cow dung/manure dry leaves, fibres, mud, etc. used for flooring and wall plaster should be made into a batter. Every 15 kg of the batter material shall be mixed with 1 litre of Osolin AT-WT thoroughly before mixing it with cement.

Note: Any building that is constructed with any organic matter or material that is NOT Treated with AT-WT does not come under guarantee clause.


Spray/drench a Jute rag with AT-WT and bind it around all electrical cable or conduit inlet points and spray AT-WT at Water inlet GI/PVC pipes and DRAIN line outlets at the soil and building interface junctions. These points develop plastering cracks which are most prone to termite entry from exterior soil.

Statutory Information:

  • Tested and certified for non-toxicity by a SWISS based testing laboratory.

  • No side effects. In case of consumption, drink lots of water.

  • In case of any itching or irritation due to allergy, flush eyes or skin with clean drinking water OR consult a doctor.


Ground Water.png

Safe to Groundwater


Safe to Humans


Safe to Pets, Grazing Animals & Birds


Safe to Soil, Trees & Plants


Does not Degrade or Dilute due to weather changes


Easy & Safe Application

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