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Meali-Sac is an indigenous, herbal, Eco-friendly, non-toxic & non-poisonous plant pest control derived from food and medicinal herb extracts coming under the ‘‘Ayurvedic study and research of natural forest resources’’. Meali-Sac is tested and certified for Non-toxicity by a SWISS based test house and is certified for quality by IIHR (Indian Institute of Horticulture Research) Bangalore.

Mealisac - Organic Plant Pest Control & Growth Booster | 1 L

    • For Floricultural, horticultural, vegetable, Agricultural, plantation crops & Mulberry plants.
    • Meali-Sac effectively plays a dual role towards plant protection by Eradicating Plant Pests as well as a Systemic Growth Booster by enhancing budding & flowering, resulting in higher yields.
    • Meali-Sac is a broad spectrum pest control to eradicate plant pests like mealybugs, golden backed moths, leaf miners, thrips, whiteflies, caterpillars, borers, aphids, fungal attach, root grub, citrus and pink mealibugs, coffee bean borers & black root & stem borers.
    • Meali-Sac has a unique property of eradicating and controlling male mosquito menace that thrives on plants especially on crotons & also kills mosquito larvae that thrive on the brims of ponds, puddles, swimming pools, etc. ultimately checking the birth cycle of mosquitoes. Meali-Sac is found to be very effective in landscaping activities because of its high potency to control TERMITES and other pest menaces in lawns.

*T & C Apply

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