Your objectives are noble.

I wish you success in realising them.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Former President of India
March 10, 1965


Osolin Research Laboratories demonstrated their produts Bugsac-d9, Osolin AT for eliminating nuisance from insects, bugs, termites, etc and air freshener Manamohini. These products have been prepared from herbal derivatives which are non-toxic & non-poisonous to human beings. The       effectiveness of these products does not reduce with time. These products are economical compared to their counterparts in the market.

Mr. S.M. Singha
Executive Director - Civil Engineering
Railway Board
July 26, 1990

We are pleased that the items supplied (Bugsac-d9 & Pynodor) to address the mosquito issues we have faced on our campus have been very effective. These products have also been very helpful to us in eradicating the cockroach, ant and fly problem we faced in our canteens. We       are happy to know that these products are organic and hence are harmless to human life & ecology.

S.M. Singha
Mr. R Varadarajan
GM - Design Services
HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.)
September 02, 1982
July 26, 1990

We had procured and used in our works, Osolin AT, a herbal termite control for the treatment of our wooden display units which were infested by termites. The product has shown good results and is found to be very effective.

Manager - Construction & Maintenance
BEML (Bharat Earth Movers Ltd.)
Mr. N Vijay

We appreciate all the support that has been given to us by Osolin Research Laboratories in earning the OHSAS 18001 certification - the Globaly Recognised Health and Safety Management System.

June 21, 2006
Dy. Manager - Purchase
BEL (Bharat Electronics Ltd.)
Mr. Sharath

We have been using Osolin’s Bugsac-d9, Pynodor, AT-CT & AT-WT for the last 2 and a half years in our factory premises and have found that they are effective and environment friendly.

We wish them all success in their future endeavors.

Mr. Nagaraj Banaji
Dy. General Manager - Technical Engg. Functions
September 10, 2004

We received a demonstration of the effects of Osolin’s Bugsac-d9 insect control at our mill’s canteen and cooperative society today. These demonstrations were proof of the effects of Bugsac-d9 on the insects, pests and its total harmlessness to human beings. I testify the uniqueness of this thorough erdicator of all troublesome insects and pests and I wish full success to Osolin Research Laboratories.

Mr. Kandaswamy
General Manager
Sri Krishnarajendra Mills, Mysuru
November 27, 1957

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend the use of products from Osolin, Bangalore. I have recommended these products for old wooden structure affected by termites or for renovation purposes. The product performed admirably & the clients were very satisfied with the results.

I reiterate that these products are excellent value for money besides being beneficial to the environment.

Ms. Chaitra K Vishwanath
March 19, 2005

Our horticulture and hygiene department have been using Bugsac-d9, Pynodor & Meali-Sac, manufactured by Osolin Research Laboratories.


We have found these products & the vendor to our utmost satisfaction.

Mr. Sunil Babu
Manager - Materials
The Leela Palace, Kempinski
January 9, 2007

We have been a customer of Osolin Organics and have been using the product ‘Osolin AT-WT’ since 2014. In this time, we have found the service of Osolin Organics and the performance of ‘Osolin AT-WT’ to have always been copacetic.


We are pleased to recommend Osolin AT-WT to other wood- workers and cabinet-makers. We wish Osolin Organics all the well-deserved success in the future.

Mr. Kunal Merchant
Kunal Merchant - Designers, Traditional Wood-Workers, Cabinet Makers & Craftsmen
August 28, 2018

I, Bijoy Jain, an Architect and Director of M/s. BAP Constructions Pvt. Ltd. would like to wholeheartedly recommend the use of products from Osolin Research Laboratories, Bangalore.

For the past 10 years of my practice I have used Osolin AT-CT and AT-WT for termite treatment of wood and soil.

Mr. Bijoy Jain
Architect & Director
BAP Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
December 18, 2008

For the past 3 years, we are using two products manufactured by Osolin: Osolin AT-CT and AT-WT. Post usage, we have never encountered any incidents of Termite attacks in any of our buildings and are very satisfied with the results. We believe these products are of completely natural and organic origin following an eco friendly manufacturing process & prescribed application.

Dr. Agneesh Roy
Managing Director
Maitreyi - The Vedic Village
June 13, 2006

We’ve found Osolin AT Construction Treatment and Osolin AT Wood Treatment to be very useful and totally environmentally safe products to use.


We’ve used these products in our residential & institutional projects since the last 5 years and we would recommend the use of these products as an alternative for all people who are concerned about the harmful effects of chemical substances which are toxic to the environment and contaminate soil & water.

Mr. Jeeth K Iype
House of Consultants
March 09, 2005